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Sat 4 Sep


Basildon Utd


The match started brightly for Wingate, when Alieu Njie found the back of the net after just two minutes, which was overturned by the referee due to a foul in the buildup. After a succession of Wingate efforts, Basildon would break away and score in the fourteenth minute, when Luke Hurst picked up the ball and slotted it past goalkeeper Fergal Hale-Brown. The visitors’ lead wouldn’t last long, however, as Njie would make no mistake second time around, easily controlling the ball with his chest, before firing a right footed shot past the ‘keeper into the bottom corner. The remainder of the half saw few chances for both sides, before going into the break 1-1. The second half started with a chance for the Blues to take the lead, with a free kick from the edge of the box, which was taken by Bilal Sayoud, and narrowly saved by Dixon-Hodge. The half would see the Bees pick up momentum, having a flurry of chances, with J'Ardell Stirling making a last man challenge to prevent an almost certain goal, picking up a red card for his efforts. The step four side would hold out for the draw, despite a last moment effort by the hosts, to earn a replay next week.

Lineup: 1 Fergal Hale-Brown, 2 Matthew Achuba, 3 Loic Hernandez , 4 Jordan Gibbons (Sam Hatton 79'), 5 Alieu Njie, 6 J’Ardell Stirling , 7 Darnell Goather-Braithwaite (Liam Smyth 73'), 8 Ta'shae Andall-Gibbons, 9 Ibrahim Meite, 10 Alphanso Kennedy, 11 Bilal Sayoud (Tommy Tejan-Sie 85')
Subs: 12 Junior Mubiayi, 14 Sam Hatton, 15 Tommy Tejan-Sie, 16 Liam Smyth, 17 Jabir Laraba, 18 Connor Peters, 19 Kayne James-Thompson

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