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David Wolff Celebration

David Wolff has described the past 50 years of being chairman of the Maccabi Sunday Football League as “a pleasure”. Wolff’s half-century of service to Jewish football was recognised at an anniversary dinner on Monday evening at Redbridge Jewish Care’s Sinclair House. Presented with awards of recognition from the MGBSFL, Masters and Jewish News Maccabi Junior Football League, Wolff was also honoured by Maccabi GB and the London Football Association. Addressing an audience of 100 people which included former players, managers, referees and League officials, he said: “It’s been a great pleasure in the main, there have been times when it hasn’t been as good as one may hop, but in the main it’s been a great pleasure. “It means I’ve done something correct over the past 50 years to see so many people here and it proves what we’re doing is the right thing as a football league and that’s what it boils down to. “Maccabi GB is the anchor, the body that we are affiliated to. It’s the body which projects Jewish sport in the community, it plays such an important part in our football – and for our people. “I’m proud to be vice-president of this league and I will try and do my best in the future, while my health allows me to and as long as you want me here!” And looking back on the past 50 years, he says: “My biggest achievement has been seeing the league grow, seeing it grow to 65 teams, sadly it’s gone back in recent years, but that was my greatest achievement of all. “I’d like to see more teams come into the League and hopefully that will be what happens in the future.”

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