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Long Buckby analysis spoke with Director or Football , Simon Lane about the win at Long Buckby: "Saturday's result and performance was important on a number of levels. Financially of course a club like ours needs every single penny so it was key on that front. We removed a potential banana skin too as the cliche goes. It was all set up for that with the long away trip and the threat they posed to higher opposition in previous rounds. Once again though our mindset was spot on right from the first whistle so any danger was averted." Two players were given their first team debuts during the second half. 17 year old Midfielder Coskun (Josh) Grantham and 16 year old forward Hakim Nyoriki, who have both made a big impact for the Under 18's. Lane continued "For me a great second prize on the day was being able to give the opportunity to the 16 and 17 year old lads. They say there's no sentiment in football but it was my intention all along, and I said to the guys at half time, kill the game so we could play with more freedom and give these young lads something they could treasure for the rest of their lives by getting them into the action. I'm proud they did that for them." "We have a young squad anyway but I think it sends a strong message that young local talent will get all the opportunities possible at this club on my watch as it has done since the Chairman took over. I know that both boys really appreciated it and I am extremely proud of them."

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